Why is documenting shops and business in towns and villages important?
Time to let the British high street die: FT, 7 Feb 2012
Why you should back high streets first: New Statesman Blog, 6 Feb 2012
The nostalgia factor: BBC article, 19 Jan 2012
The changing face of Britain's high streets: FT article 19 Jan 2012.
The changing face of Wales' high streets - from the 1960s to today:, Dec 2011
Traditional high street businesses lose out to coffee shops and nail bars: Guardian Article 16 June 2011
All change down the high street : Geofutures Blog, 13 Jan 2011
Britain's changing high street: BBC News, 6 Dec 2010
Britain's changing high street: BBC Magazine, 6 Dec 2010
Reimagining the high street Escape from Clone Town Britain: New Economics Foundation, 15 Sep 2010. Free download of full report (PDF)
The changing face of Britain's high street: Elle Seymour's blog, 2009
A change of habitat: A Growing Business article
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